Just go to Korea instead of Japan if you want East Asians lol


INTP - 22 years old - Been to 30+ countries
Jul 31, 2022
I’ve been to Korea and Japan post covid now so can compare both

Korea mogs 100x imo
In Japan Tinder is shit and filled with bots etc (was talking to some guys I met at club and they were all saying the same thing about tinder. But bumble is good)

Less girls speak English from my experience compared to Korea

Tinder works in Korea

Only options you have for Japan are going up to girls irl or bumble

I’ve gotten lucky in Japan and managed to fuck 1 girl from tinder and 1 girl irl cuz I went to this play and she was working there and asked me how I liked it lol

Other than that I would’ve been khhv if not

If you speak Japanese then yeah you’ll be fine but if you only know English then just go to Korea

You have to have good style here unless you’re 6’4 jbw btw

Noted. Japanese girls are uglier too - their faces arent as flat. Looks like theyve got some white in them too. Worse proportions. Korean girls are hotter but i suspect theyre more likely to be feminist bitches

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