Vent It's over for me the West. And maybe at SEA


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I finally realized that it's over for me to ever lose my virginity in the west. I'm a KHHCV, 3/10 Manlet with 6" Wrists, Small Dick, Autism, Twink Frame

I think the best plan for is for me to have a chance with a FOID is JBW + Betabuxx at SEA. I should probably get a good remote job. And Betabuxx a LTB SEA FOID.

It's unfortunate I was born like this but
I really don't see what the other options are besides Killing myself.... or staying in the west to get lifemogged and heightmogged everyday
how tall are you?

im in a similar or worse position...

and yes it is a brutal fate we must face..
im similar to you im a khhv but i wouldnt go the ll route if you go to cambodia or the philippines theyre all really short there. if you run jbw its better than height in their mind anyways.

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