Advice It is your own fault if you dont geomaxxx in 2023

While I can afford it, I doubt most guys my age could also.

It’s basically just IT guys (who I know a lot of) who are the young guys going overseas to get some pussy.

Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia etc have "english teachers" of all ages. It's true most of them are in their 20s, but thats exactly the kind of unattached unobligated male that doesn't feel any reservations about larks in a foreign country. But there are still plenty of older guys there. My friend was 40 and met his wife in vietnam, and relatively speaking, quite a catch for him, since she was a chemical engineer working for a large german company. Not that guys care about that sort of thing obviously, but I'm saying its not like its all sad old dudes porking 2/10 retarded and desperately poor village girls in the bumfuck nowhere of the Philippines.

The issue is never affording it, the issue is sustaining it in a sensible way. I will once again bang on that anyone serious about this sort of thing needs to the best of their ability develop some sort of location independent skillset, whether its in IT, sales or whatever. If you can be self-employed enough to live in the first world, you can probably be self-employed enough to live like a king in Asia. Teaching jobs are abundant for white people but they suck and you don't want to have fucked around for 5 years and suddenly find yourself trying to come back to the west and have to explain to employers in coded langauge that the last half decade on your CV represents drinking and fucking ladyboy prostitutes.


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