Is this the future of Geomaxxing?

@AlexBrown84 said in 10 years geomaxxing will be essential to get pussy

had a talk with som eother veteran geomaxxer and he said it has gotten extremely more popular the last 10 years and conintues to grow more and more

he thinks it will be race to the bottom of worse and worse shithole and poor low smv countries

think how many of us want to do this shit

there must be 10s of millions of guys like us with the same ideas

the only thing holding most people back is inability to quit their career and persue an online career/remote job or ability to get a remote job

but it cant get too saturated regardless because theres way more noodles than white/mulattos. whites are 15% of the population. theres not enough to go around

and even if it does become more and more saturated

all that matters is that its easier than back home

and at least we get to live in cheap countries with nice weather
Those burritos eating sub human should be glad white people are moving in they add value and real vibrancy to the shithole city
My country almost built a entire city for white people to move into