Is the blackpill just a reaction to the economy?


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Jul 31, 2022
I've made some notes how I feel about the topic, even though they're kinda lazy I'll post them down below.

  • Human sexuality is predicated around optimising their economic situation (hypergamy).
  • Humans are evolved to survive in high scarcity resources.
  • Tall and skinny phenotype is a scarcity adapted phenotype. Being big and muscled requires a lot of calories thus why it isn't necessarily seen as ideal by todays culture (maybe a trade off for status vs dominance). You also get a reach advantage which is important for fights.
  • Being attractive is a sign of good genetic and environmental quality. This decrease morality and likelihood of needing medical care for debilitating illnesses.
  • Maybe humans are selected by social orders (collective ways of organising a society) in a phenomenon of human selection and this isn't done on an individual level (females). This would take responsibility of "innate female instincts" and social indoctrination imprinting.
  • DOM or MASC male selection may be favoured by a society in a high violence environment and Prettyboy aesthetic for a more status dependent society.
  • Your socioeconomic status determines how well you can looksmax.
  • The most unattractive races (by the stats) seem to have the largest populations which seems to indicate there is a trade off between quantity and quality.
  • Feminism was a movement pushed by the Government to increase productivity.
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Aug 16, 2022
I think it’s just a few facts

1. Women aren’t dependent on men for money anymore
2. There’s no more forced monogamy
3. Most women don’t think in long time horizons

In that scenario women would rather have good genetics and will hold out trying to get the best quality she can over a stable life with an average or bit above average guy. They hold out thinking that all of the attention she’s getting as a young woman will last forever and when she hits her 30s and it’s declining rapidly she is forced to settle for a subpar guy or be alone (which is torture for a woman).

HQNP girls are intelligent enough to leverage their looks for partnership with high quality men in their 20s, modern dating culture hasn’t changed that.


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Aug 24, 2022
  • The most unattractive races (by the stats) seem to have the largest populations which seems to indicate there is a trade off between quantity and quality.
yes i like to compare to economics... a product that is mass produced and widely available is not going to be that valuable however something like a diamond is valuable because they are rare and hold value (e.g. white skin, coloured eyes, tall height)


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Oct 14, 2022
it is a repsonse to modern feminism, dating apps, social media, and in general hyperglobalisation

before it was not difficult to mog men, all you had to be was the pretty boy of your area but now we compete with roided out models and actors with millions of followers on ig / tiktok, women would not have known just how good looking men could be and now they will not settle for the typical looking male.