Recommendation I'll porbably be a movie monster in Halloween


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Aug 10, 2022
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You same to be under the impression that I have always been bitter and blamed women. The reality is I only got into this "incel mindset" less than 2 years ago, in 2021. During my teens I was not bitter or resentful towards women at all, and I never felt like I was entitled to sex or anything like that.

I'll porbably be a movie monster in Halloween, at least my brother (5'9'' 3.5 PSL + Perfect SAT score) is fine.

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The problem with the incel community is that it convinces relatively normal dudes that their odds are exactly as bad as mine. In other words, the 80/20 rule is bullshit, but there certainly will be people at the rock bottom of physical desirability.
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One of the biggest subhumans I ever seen (5'3'' 2.5 PSL asian) has a perfect SAT score, you can still achievee something (and I don't mean going ER)even via beinig short and ugly