If you're going to have kids, make them in a way like this

Aug 17, 2022
When you finally lifemax and decide to run JBW theory, You should just smash and dash women left and right, and not care about the responsibility of having the kid. Let it be women responsiblity if they voluntarily accept it - Remember: They are lucky to be with you, not the other way round.


i mean look at the user @itsOVER from looksmax: Guy went overseas and now has 3 kids which he is not fathering, how awesome that is. It's also morally justified to do such something if the woman is wanting to get impregnated voluntarily, so you are not any guilty at all.

Couldn't search for more pictures but this girl looks cute to me personally, she would be an easy catch if you're white guy

Also @Predeterminism has made a thread about white dude who impregnated over 600 african women (over for STD'cels) jk

40 year old white guy sexed 600 women in six African countries within 2 years.
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Jul 31, 2022
Not afraid of stds?
Most stds (like all of them except one) can be cured by taking a pill once a day for a week. They’re really overblown imo

Only thing to worry about is hiv and just avoid africa and since I’m young I only fuck young girls raw. Unlikely that they’ve fucked some guy raw that also happened to be gay and also happened to have aids