If i was asian i would kill myself unless i was 6'2 and was chang

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Aug 19, 2022
There's literally no hope for asian men, Unless they are tall and good looking which basically all races can ascend with that. Not only do they have the stereotype of having a small dick but they are shorter, Smaller frame, Can't grow facial hair, Seen as feminine and not masculine and are just cucks in media jfl. Especially south east asian men because they are even shorter and uglier jfl, These dudes need us to fuck their women because everybody knows their women don't want their little 4 inch dicks especially filipinos. Probably the worst looking asians on earth, Even indians mog filipinos they are really the worst race on earth jfl.
True. Most of the Youtubers are WMAF couples. It is beyond over for ricecels if not Chang or Changlite.


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It's really only the japs n koreans that are struggling. SEA niggas fuck pussy
Not Filipinos, They literally have the smallest dicks in the entire world and are the shortest people in Asia jfl. I would say north Vietnamese are the best looking south East Asians, Japanese are ugly as fuck but Koreans have smv because of K-pop and looksmaxxing with surgeries to look more white.
this tbh, there are literally like 3+ billion chinks in the world, asians dont have problems fucking
Asians have a completely different mentality. Chinese love cooming in prostitutes and dont whine about chad fucking their looksmatch all day on PSL forums