I want to dominate


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Aug 13, 2022
Recently I came back to school and Jesus I fucking hate the environment, every single normie here fucking sucks and I wish the worst for them in life except a few good people who genuinely deserve happiness.

I want to dominate these subhumans in every way to prove my superiority fucking normies fuck them
ill have retribution against all of them. they will suffer the same way they made me suffer. i will circumcise their life by cutting it short the same way they circumcucked me by cutting my cock. normies and soyciety will pay.
i work a few months a year and i found that the best way to get around it is just to act super non NT with the people u dont like, they will leave u alone, only works if you mog them all or u might get in trouble (fired in my case)
You have to just recognize how inferior they are. If someone is talking down to your or pissing you off remind them of their place. The average joe is a dumb sheep who should just bow down.

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