I want a fashionmaxxed East Asian gf


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I want this. badly.

But I'm not tall enough to ever get a gf in East asia or family.

only in SEA maybe.

But filipinas will never have that face or skin colour

Maybe I could get a vietnamese gf, and betabuxx her, and dress her up how i want, like that?

like a little fashionmaxxed asian fuck doll?

hows the situation in vietnam, i heard its hard mode but i get a few messages if i set hellotalk or tinder to there but i dont like lightskinned asians usually


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i saw a youtube video with a vietnamese girl and she was a perfect looking sea jungle gook. i have another picture of a perfect philippine girl with some fat heavy saggy titties.


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Zero-covid policy -> Country now completely open
Tech crackdown -> Government re-introducing subsidies and working together with tech companies
Deleveraging real estate/allowing prices to drop -> Government loosening debt requirements
then how will we be able to betabuxx one in the future, theyre getting richer


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Wait until China has to prostitute itself to the West again to survive and go there.
Won’t happen, China will win the long term war with the west, They are building super soldiers who are genetically manipulated and mentally strong, It won’t be like Iraq or Afghanistan for the USA. America will have to fight against a technological superpower that has hundreds of millions of chink men. I wish China would lose but they won’t


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