I overstayed again

how long did you overstay this time?

if thailand, most likely another fine and possibility of being banned for a year. if they don’t ban you when you go to pay the fine this time they’ll do it next time you enter the country

almost happened to me but managed to talk my way out of it
Just because it happened to you? How many times did you overstay?
I overstayed in January by 15 days and now I missed my deadline today to go to do it. I might be going to jail tomorrow. its been real boys.
can you say WHERE you overstayed. I want to avoid countries with harsh over stay limits
How long did you overstay in Thailand?

Did you get questioned at immigration when you arrived on the visa?

I'll be applying for my next one in about a month.
i overstayed like 2 days and then went to laos for a few days and when coming back they were gonna ban me for a year

i was in the process of getting an education visa so was saved

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