I just wanna be happy man…


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Sep 1, 2022
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I just wanna be happy man…

I don’t wanna get surgery

I don’t wanna have to morph myself into some shitty beauty standard

I’m sick of it

I just wanna be a normal person and just have a normal life

Why is this life so hard

I don’t even ask for a lot at all
Tell ur parents man. Lol i went low inhib and argued w my parents because they kept asking me why i always stay in room, dont have a gf and stopped going out.

My mom is retarded and she told me that 5'5 was tall for a guy jfl what a stupid lying bitch im actually so pissed off right now im gonna upload a rant sub human filipino NIGGER parents i hate filipinos and filipino nigger genes being a filipino eith denisovan dna is a curse