Vent I don't understand the idea of having a SEA family

Absolutely disgusting that I would create a HAPA Incel. I don't want my future son to suffer just like I did. Geomaxxing doesn't really solve the problem it just passes it down. My subhuman bloodline ends with me
so retarded.

hapas are preferred over white and asian men, to asian women

and the reason ur incel is cos too short or ugly. in SEA everyone is short and ugly so ur kid becomes average + hapa halo = good life
Well if you stay for life in the monkeypines, If you bring your kid to the west he will be incel
thats why white is always better. hapa is cope and just works for fitting in with other asians. hapas dont even look white. they still look deathnic.
When creating a son just make sure they wont be short, he wil most likely be average in the face like majority of the population

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