How to lose weight.

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Jul 31, 2022
* Exercise whilst fasting (look into the 16:8 fasting method)
* Microbiomemaxing - Eat probiotics foods.
* Limit alcohol
* Dietmaxxing - (Increase protein to decrease carb intake)

(Do your own resarch on these chemicals. some of these drugs are dangerous)
* HGH Frag
* Clenbuterol
* Prednisone

Health issues
(you might have one of the following if you're still fat. Go speak to a doctor)
* Hyperinsulinemia
* Hypothyroidism
* Cushing's syndrome
* Growth Hormone Deficiency
* Medication side effects
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TRT + 1k+ calorie deficit + gym 2x a week is probably the best if you've got self-control. If you're fat enough you'll even put on muscle while doing this.
running a 1500cal diet right now while going to the gym everyday.
I went from borderline obese to losing 14lbs in 5 weeks, no excess skin. Feels good, but I don't know how far I need to take this, it's really a lifestyle change I no longer eat any sugary foods or high calorie foods or drink alcohol now.

Having dinner with friends is complicated because I can barely eat anything or drink, it's socially awkward sometimes.

Calories in < calories out

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