Advice How to Hide Assets in a Divorce/Bring them Overseas


Gymcel coper
Aug 16, 2022
Was reading this thread and the advice is shit and "omg you can't just heckin evade the settlement" :soy::soy::soy::soy::soy:

Got me thinking of what the best way to do this if you needed to was though. An obvious component of it is leaving the country and never coming back. You will have a judgement against you but being in another country is almost always a good enough shield, people with student loans do it all the time. But what's the best way to liquidate your assets and bring them to another country if you needed to?

I assume there would be enough loopholes with crypto where you could sell everything, buy crypto, privacy wash your money with monero, and then convert to local currency in the destination country. Would want to pick a country without crypto reporting laws as well. Was thinking that physical gold could also be a good bet because you can buy physical gold for cash some places without it being reported. But pretty sure there's a value limit on gold.

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