How is dating in japan for a normie westerner? [results inside]


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How is dating in japan for a normie westerner?

Basically that guy is probably 6ft

he said he couldnt get a date in london.

but he could get dates easily in japan via tinder.

some spoke fluent english some didnt which ruined things

if u wanna get a wife there u should learn the language

imagine how much of a halo that is. foreigners are rare there. a foreigner who speaks fluent japanese would literally be fucking gold.

girls told him to shave his beard quite adamantly

they like guys who are forward and make moves physically

some of they out-right admitted they dont find attraction to japanese men

thats it rlly

also he felt like girls may not have really been interested in him but more to show off shes got a foreigner boyfriend and how she can label him to others
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"Yeah when I lived in Japan, I had a Japanese girl come up to me at our University and be like "I want to come to your house, can I go to your house right now?" I think a lot of people stereotype Japanese people as being super reserved but I didn't really find that the case, at least when it comes to foreigners they can kinda lose it


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"I never had a problem finding a GF in Japan but you do have to be careful. You don't want to be a trophy BF. This happens to white guys a lot, unfortunately. Japanese girls DO 'like' white guys... but what does that 'really' mean? It can be a good thing for you but also a bad thing. I generally feel it's bad. LOL If you want to f*ck around and to think of yourself as a 'pimp' in Japan then, by all means, go ham, but if you are genuinely looking for a GF well good luck sir cause it ain't that easy... 80% of the time the white guys are the trophy BF that gets shown off to all of her girlfriends. They want the status that they are "cool" or whatever, so be prepared to be the little b!tch in the relationship. It's all plastic love, my friend...because realistically if she wants a real and serious relationship it ain't going to be with you. 95% of the time she will leave you for a Japanese guy for a serious relationship. This doesn't only happen to white guys. It happens to all foreigners but it mostly happens to white guys. LOL But don't worry it's possible to have a real relationship in Japan. They just need time to know you and what you're all about. I've seen white guys, black guys, and a lot of Iranians married to Japanese. Just don't date girls that will see you as the stereotype that they believe in so much. It's all common sense at the end of the day really. With that said, some Japanese girls are worried to date guys from North America because they know we have stereotypes about Japanese girls like "Japanese girls only like white guys" or "Japanese girls are easy" etc etc.. It swings both ways really... I find that dating in Japan is no different anywhere else... It just depends on the type of person you date. Some wanna smash on the first date, some don't. Some wanna hold hands, some don't. Dating nowadays is like having a f*cking Kinder Surprise. You never know what you're gonna get."

brutal. i think for serious long term relationship. they may prefer japanese guys


learning the language and fitting in with the culture may be very important


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I used to see this guys vlogs in japan and it was insane how much attention he got. Like he was talking on his phone and a random girl just started touching herself to his voice. accent halo