Ho chi minh for slaying, hanoi for everything else


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Jul 31, 2022
Hanoi isn’t hot or humid like ho chi minh and has lots more stuff to do.

I’m leaving ho chi minh today and there’s not much to do tbh. but the girls are more westernized compared to hanoi so it could be easier to slay for some

not many people speak english in any city really and if they do it will prob be bad

lots of american and uk tourists in hcm. when i was in hanoi, most of the whites i saw were european especially french but not that many anyways. more korean and chinese tourists in hanoi

went to Da Nang also. i’d say like 80% of tourists there are korean so it’s easier to stand out.

only saw like 4 other blacks my entire time in vietnam

but yeah hanoi is the best city. would recommend going there and if you do go to ho chi minh, not much to do other than girls

@predeterminism average height of guys is bit less than thai
I wanna hear some hcmc slaying tales. I hear conflicting reviews that Viet girls are conservative and mad prudish and take over 5 dates to get home, then others saying it's hella easy and almost formulaic - pretty quickly pulling the girl back after a quick coffee date. Assume all your hookups were from online?

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