Gut feeling on perceived status of each race in asia- koreans, whites, blacks


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Sep 1, 2022
I feel like whites in SEA yes may genetically mog koreans. but i feel like whites kinda get a Loser Back Home status failo everywhere in asia.

i think thats cos most guys who go asia are pure incel genetic dead ends and end up doing degen shit and paying for sex or betabuxxing and getting abused for money like them old guys

i think thats kinda lowered the status of the white race in SEA but idk how it wouldnt for koreans too cos kinda same happens to them

like some girls seriously think they can ask young white guys who genetically mog their locals in every aspect-for money. they're getting seriously confused about their status.

but i think people confuse them lower status whites with the younger white guys who goes there purely because he prefers asian girls and has had hot gfs in the west

also a bunch of whites have giga low self esteem and will often settle for a low smv girl, or like the first girl they meet lol

or we prefer the girls who do not fit the local beauty standards. for example skin colour doesnt matter that much to us

korean guys would only prefer to date the girls who fit asian beauty standards like pale white skin etc

and i feel like koreans have status halo rn for having good fashion, kpop kdrama status halo for their race, so good fashion, good style skincare grooming haircuts and looksmaxxing towards asian girls

most white guys who seamaxx are incels so have shit fashion, maybe some sort of halo from media but its not their favourite right now, and most whites dont have the ideal haircut and skin/skincare and looksmaxxing towards asain girls. white guys often looksmax towards white girls who are the polar opposite type which is really not ideal for asia

and i think blacks remain high status throughout

maybe im completely wrong tho since im a basement geomaxxer incel abused dog
In my opinion, the "loser back home" thing is more about how Asian men feel than the women, women don't care about what happened back home if they find you attractive and you can beat the loser home allegation by not being autistic + having money (or lie about some job opportunity that u got or say u were conducting business)

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