geomaxing in a country that banned niggers


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Dec 31, 2022
i dont want to be around these apes. theres a reason they never had any rights and dont deserve any. they arent even people. theyre more genetically similar to a primitive ape than a person. niggers niggers niggers nigger nigger nigger nigs. jews deserve to be burned and women shouldnt have any rights either. the world was better in the 1800s and before.
sucks its just all jews with no foreskin. all they do is worship their gods and bomb people and kill all of them. have you ever realized how clown the shit is? lets compare israel to their main enemy: palestine.

both worship and pray to "god"
both countries bomb eachother
both countries have circumcucked idiots running around.

if you actually look at the fake war on terror its the exact same concept. dumb american circumcucked sheep praying to god bombing people vs sand niggers that are also circumcucked pray to god and bomb people. the war is a staged opposition psyop ran by the illuminati as a human sacrifice ritual.

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