Geomax advice


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Aug 15, 2022
Want to start geomaxing soon since I am pretty moneymaxed. What is the best country for 5’9 HTN to start with? I thought of Nam, Korea or Japan since I am not hoodmaxed for more dangerous countries. Any thoughts or recommendations?
Serbiamaxxing could be a thing, but I am a 5’9 manlet, and guys there are really tall
Other countries that can work out are Romania/Moldova, or maybe Portugal
In Asia, I can benefit from JBW, going from HTN failed by height to chad/chadlite in eyes of Asians
Problem with EA is the culture, but Vietnam should be alright despite most foids are ugly
Do you go to Manilla or a beach resort or what?

I know they have their version of pattaya
Manila is the best I’d say. Cebu would prob be pattaya version of phillipines but I’d skip it and just go Manila to slay. Thailand has better beaches

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