Fucked another prozzy


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Jan 3, 2023
Columbiana. She was very sweet. I lasted way shorter than last time cos she gave me amazing head and was moaning and licking my ears and rubbed her ass all over my dick after the blowjob; all that good stuff.

She had a really nice ass and I wanted to fuck her in doggy but I couldn't communicate that I was about to cum in cowgirl because she only speaks Spanish. So the entire session was only like 15 minutes.

I want to go back now cos I want to see that ass bounce. She isn't too expensive as well.

She is a nice girl; she was always smiling and afterwards she wanted to talk for a bit. When I went to the bathroom after nutting she spanked me as I was walking away (I was naked).

I think she tried to rob me while I was in there because my keys weren't in my pocket afterwards. I was only there for like 30 seconds so I think that's all she had time to take.

I'll probably return in a few weeks.



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Aug 20, 2022
jfl based, i was thinking about doing it too since i turn 18 soon but i live in a cucked state and all the whores in my area charge $300+ while being fat ugly landwhales or sheboons.

fuck that ill buy a plane ticket to mexico for $150 and fuck cute mixed girls instead