Vent Fucked a slim HTB Korean girl in UK at 5"4, and had her stay at my house for the week


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Sep 1, 2022
Fucked a slim HTB Korean girl in UK . while im 5'4. she was like 5'3

had her stay at my house for like 5 days , she cooked , cleaned dishes, and was my cum dumpster every night and before work

chilled w her from like saturday to wednesday

started work wednesday and she even waited all day in my house for me to come home and had a dinner ready

she was early 20s. was kinda weird. she said she was a nerd.

big tits for an asian girl, slim waist and body, but no ass. common occurance im seeing

she was rlly weird man she woke up at 6am every day and wrote cringe motivational quotes in her "success journal" and went for an exercise in the park every morning too

and made me play some Cash Flow online game with her created by the guy who wrote Think and grow rich

and she said she owned apartments in korea which i thought was weird for her age. why is every asian girl i meet fucking loaded

i think they all have rich parents

anyways drove her to some nice places in UK and had fun.

some pub meals,

went to church and it will filled with nigs and they were singing and shit it was funny but they were very nice to us and welcoming

went to a spa jacuzzi sauna swimming etc

visited some castle place for the day

but she went back to london on the train this morning

can send receipts proof if anyone wants.

also she said my flaccid penis is the same size as an erect east asian penis

and she was very racepilled about the racial hierarchy, and blackpilled about beauty standards she kept bringing stuff like that up but i try to avoid it cos ive already talked about race and blackpill a million times
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You look a billion times whiter than me.

btw come to private section too I posted myself there
he is the same white color as me. if you can go outside and see your blue veins through all your skin and you get sun burnt in 5 mins then thats what i am. the problem is that im a baldcel with a pale white head that emphasizes my gay alien skull. you can just see an entire map of blue veins running around my gay bald head.
ive been getting fatter and sometimes when i sit and eat my foreskin will roll over my glans. i cant feel it though because im so dried out and calloused and desensitized.
Your fat now? I thought you were a skinny framecel like me
i used to fuck a korean prostitute and she would hold up her pinky and say korean guy is this big. another self hating asian. maybe just an actor. maybe she became a prostitute here because she loves white dick and its not even like work for her.
I legit think once asian women fuck western men they will never be the same again. Asian men better go for virgins only

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