JFL Fuck this cuck society. Remote job or death

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the only abo stacy i found in the internet
Samantha Harris, Australian Aboriginal | Most beautiful women, Beautiful  women, Beautiful bodies
black-australia: Samantha Harris is a very well... - eff yeah indigenous  fashion!

she's probably mixed asf tho
if your technically inclined you can learn to code, but there's a ton of competition now. If you do remote for a low level position you probably won't make more than like 50k USD/yr but the issue is now technical competency requirements are far higher. Look at github and make some projects, I for one never had the urge because I spent the last 10 years in a technical field and I'm trying to kiss ass and get promoted so I have options to go expat from north america. My problem is that companies who send you abroad never give you a choice, previous supervisors got paid massive pay packages to go abroad but they ended up in random small towns in brazil or the gulf states like UAE or saudi arabia which is worse for social life than north america.

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