Vent Eastern Europe

Idk seems stupid to have a son be birthed by a woman who doesn’t love you
i thought it was quite smart. since a majority of people end up splitting up after having a baby and have to share the kid, send her money, drop the kid to ur ex's house and see her new bf every weekend+ not optimal genetics

but with surrogate, you get to opimise ur kids genetics (tallest whitest best looking woman), they're just your kid, can date girls and u dont have to end up splitting the kid with her and sending money

any holes in my plan?
My son needs to have white skin so there’s no way I’m pro creating with a fucking nigger.

Eastern Europe is the only place I can geomaxx so my children don’t live on veteran difficulty
Ukraine is still excellent, but only if you aren't a shitskin. Ukrainians are extremely racist against anyone not white in general.

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