East Asians are very insecure about their eyes


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East Asians are very insecure about their eyes

Most of them get surgery to fix it

Tell me that hairstyle that they do isn’t specifically designed to cover their failo squinty eyes

And I followed one on IG and all he does is post Instagram pics with his sunglasses on

So they basically whiten skin to look like a white man

Dye hair brown/blonde to look like a white man

Then try to cover their eyes with hair or sunglasses so u think they’re white not Asian


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Asians definitely are more eye-obsessed I think whereas westerners focus more on Jaw
I think my eyes are decent for an asian tbh.

BUT MY JAW + HEIGHT + SEA MONKEY PHENO DESTROYS ME. I cant even go to east asia bc filipinos are nothing but low iq niggers to them i can only go back home from Canada AAAAAAHHHHH.

I hate being a jawless freak but its ok because jaw is easily fixable and not prone to being BOGGED like eyes