Advice Do you guys prefer hotel or airbnb

Do you guys prefer hotel or airbnb

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Aug 12, 2022
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Benefits of AirBnB:
  • Potentially more cheap (though increasingly closer to hotels in price)​
  • Superior for extended stays​
  • Gives you a sense of the surrounding area and makes it feel more like home​
  • Good for large groups​
Cons of Airbnb:
  • A Lengthier Booking Process​
  • Sometimes unresponsive hosts​
  • Additional charges​
  • You get rated by hosts​
Benefits of Hotel:
  • Typically safer
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Usually comes with more amenities
  • More convenient
  • Usually in a central location
Cons of Hotel:
  • More expensive
  • Less Privacy
  • Cab be noisy
  • Check out times are early
In my experience 4+ star hotels are on average better because of the better bed quality and I usually eat out anyways to try local stuff. Other than that a furnished apartment is ideal, especially for stays longer than a couple weeks.

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