Denying the sub 8 law is no different than denying hypergamy and fisherian runaway


Sep 17, 2022
A Koncrete Jungle
First of all, the reason how the "sub 8 law" comes to realization is because the reality is that anything below the top 20% (aka bottom 80%) doesn't get shit AT ALL. Want to know how drives the sub 8 law to the fullest?

Hypergamy, monkeybranching, and most importantly, Fisherian runaway. Resources will become more scarce, and hence more concentrated to the very few. If anything sub 8 law is unfortunately in fact, an understatement.

Given how the standards are SKYROCKETING in every way be it height, face, money...etc, we will revert back to the medieval times where onl the nobles could afford living under a roof while the serfs are on the border of starving to death freezing.

Tldr, If you deny the sub 8 law, you are basically denying reality.

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