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some people really believe that south east asia has no future and is totally saturated. How dumb can someone be? I rarely see Chads here in the country of smile. And not every white European is a Seamaxxer. many are here with their european girlfriends. SEA has enormous potential. I believe that people who badmouth SEA are lying and have a different agenda. I saw boarding of a domestic flight to a second tier city and out of like 140 people there was only 1 white guy with his 🇹🇭 gf lol. It is beyond over for people who think sea is saturated😂
It's not hard to mog 60 year old boomer expats I suppose.
Sea isn’t saturated

But bangkok kinda isn’t completely unsaturated. Islands like Phuket and Krabi are because so many people fly directly to there from Europe. So many good looking Europeans when I was there
A lot of guys are coping bc they think SEA is oversaturated. But that is not the case.

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