Advice Come here to cage at this 5'4 tacocel on looksmax trying to urge geomaxxers away from LATAM


6ft4. geomaxxed. moneymaxxed. catmaxxed.get mogged
Sep 1, 2022
sounds like a cope

muh we see them as soft lazy pussies who cant fight

Your women dont give a shit if a guy can fight or not (+euro average is 6ft. latam avg is 5'6. ur not fighting for shit, theyre just insecure)

women just care about ur

nigga trying to put geomaxxers off South america

but anyways we can gather some LATAM tips from his insecure panic sperge
  • Fluent spanish
  • Dont be soft
  • Having boxing skills or smthing
  • Be religious
if u wanna have some sort of respect from the men and fit in

but i doubt the women give a shit, they just want ur cock OG thread, says something about blacks but i forgot