China Headed for Disaster


Gymcel coper
Aug 16, 2022
Chinese leadership has been centralized into 1 person and is now a cult of personality. All rival CCP factions have been purged from the decision making process. Historically when this happens you get massive mismanagement due to the lack of information flow upwards. When this happens the government starts lying and believing it's own propaganda and even if the people at the top are open to receiving negative information, it doesn't come to them because everyone in the party is now a careerist and fears being purged.

We are only in the early stages of this and they are already experiencing several major crises due to lack of quality management. Not only are they internally mismanaging, but the US is now starting to treat them as a hostile state and is forcing US corporations to pull back parts of the supply chain reliant on China. All of wall street aside from Ray Dalio has switched from being China bulls to bears. This is because the guy is a massive bagholder on his China investments. He predicted that Xi would allow a transition of power and he was just flatly wrong.

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