Black men on Nairaland (Nigerian website) EVISCERATE black women (GTFIH!!!)

It's a canonical fact that black women are at the bottom of the global attractiveness ladder. The women from West Africa tend to be even less attractive than every other black women on average. This means that the average Nigerian woman is most likely among the most unattractive women in the world.

Here are the key features that make black women unattractive.

1. Unfeminine facial features: Nonproportional facial attributes - Big, round noses, big thick lips etc.

2. Unfeminine hair texture that requires the use of chemicals to improve it's femininity. Even after the application of chemicals like relaxers, they still need to fix the hair of women from other parts of the world.

3. Excess testosterone levels which make them look more masculine than women from other parts of the world.

4. Relatively athletic bodies which are unfeminine and generally unattractive - presence of broad shoulders, yam legs etc.

My question to you Nigerian women is this - How does it feel to rank bottom on the attractiveness hierarchy? Why do you have to borrow hairs of other women to look attractive? How does it feel to be the most unfeminine set of women in the world?

We all know that as far as value goes, looks is an important criterion in women. If looks are important, and black women lack tremendously in that department, what value do they have then?

NB: This doesn't mean there aren't very attractive, feminine black women, but they are like 0.01 percent of the population and as such negligible and irrelevant to my argument.

Also note that the opposite is the case for black men. Black men are rated by women from all parts of the world as being among the most attractive and inarguably the most masculine men. And women are immensely attracted to masculinity.