Story Black guys have negative SMV in Buenos Aires/Argentina


Gymcel coper
Aug 16, 2022
Black geomaxxer (pic related) walks past 1000 chicks and not a single one looks at them positively. Basically they ignore him or give him a "wtf is this guy doing here" look, same with the guys. The only exception to this is they see there's a camera and they want to be on camera/attention whore. They have a sterile conversation and it doesn't go anywhere.

What's also crazy is everyone in this city except this dude was white hispanic/med. 404 no diversity detected.


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I think this is probably because Argentina does have black people (so no novelty halo) but they are also openly racist against them (Blacks have no media/cultural halo like in the US). So when they see a Black dude in a nice area they think he's not supposed to be there.

However, these girls seem to throw everything out the window for status and probably also money (because it's poor af). If you try to geomax to Argentina you probably need to statusmax on top of it if you're black.

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