Recommendation better social life abroad

brother of willy

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Mar 4, 2023
America has one of the worst social scenes and social cultures. There is no social or human connection with others. The environment is too socially disconnected, segregated, isolating, paranoid and fake. It's very hard to make any normal friends. The social vibe feels very negative. Everyone wants to be left alone in their own bubble. People don't like to meet people or connect with others. Americans act too fake, arrogant, narcissistic and toxic, making it hard to get along with them. Conversations are usually business-related only, especially with strangers. Thus America is probably the loneliest country in the world. In contrast, in most overseas countries, there is more natural social connection. People are more genuine, real and down-to-earth. So it is far easier to connect with others and make real friends. Foreign social atmospheres are more inclusive, and social life flows more smoothly and naturally. Happiness is shared with others, not kept to oneself. Friendships are more true and meaningful. (Note that America was not always like this though. In the 70's and early 80's it was a much friendlier culture, as you can see from the movies/TV shows of that era.)

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