Looks being tall is the worst


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Dec 31, 2022
fuck being over 6 ft theres no benefits anyone over 6 ft or 180cm is a coper as shit id rather be a short bald khhv circumcucked wizard without a frenulum like how i am living than be over 6 ft.


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Jun 3, 2023
Reactive instinct to copespam but there is alot of truth. Height is purely a womens hindbrain selective indicator associated with territory and resources and has no real benefits in nature as it makes you a bigger target, easier to spot, consoom more calories, die quicker, etc. Women have never been the selectors for mates and have always been under the protection of men and use their pussy for resources, protection, provision, etc or in civilizations been sequestered in the home for arranged marriages or worked in a brothel for pleb rates. Height is associated with status and whatnot in gynocentric environments like in industrial europe and the modern workplace but practically its a fisherian runaway trait that serves little purpose akin to deers antlers or peacock feathers
>m-muh mog and fights
Most .org lanklets have never even been in a verbal confrontation let alone physical one. We live in a world where physical confrotation is basically not possible due to once again the zoo like conditions of gynocentric society (not a bad thing really). Most of this is negated with the advent of weapons (swords, guns) and even in pre modernity it was easy for manlets to gang up on a tallfag, and most tallfags didnt exist because of nutrition and fights are based mostly on weight and skill rather than pure height so once again deboonked. Try bragging about being unmoggable in a third world country as a 6'3 germanoid skinnyfat faggot and you will have 10 sudaca 5'4 manlet beaners shank you with a kitchen blade or bash your head in with a baseball bat on their motorbike for your iphone 5.