Advice Are Korean Girls Into Foreign Guys? [Lifefuel for ronaldocels, brad pittcels, blacks, mulatto's]


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Sep 1, 2022

All seem pretty open to dating a foreigner but some wouldnt because of the language barrier

"i like americans" "but doesnt have to be white"

"american or englishman because i heard theyre gentlemen"

They keep talking about physique nicer body

"a man that is tanned with a big physique"

@AlexBrown84 yeah i think ur right, the further north you go, the more they like a tanned/blacker man over pale

"someone that looks manly"

"brad pitt or ronaldo"

i think in korea they'd prefer a more italian man than a pale blonde guy but not sure

the black guy in the vid actually done a good job of appealing to asian female gaze i bet he gets some pussy there

-long hair dreads, jewellery like them pearls necklace thing, earring, etc

lots of mention of big tall wide physique with vtaper and muscle but slim i think

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