JFL AI is getting out of hand

You can iterate on it


Write the story again but the geomax.me user does not take responsibility for his children and plans instead to go to Cambodia and do it again.

Once upon a time, a geomax.me user decided to take a trip to the Philippines. He had always been curious about the country and its culture, and he was excited to finally have the opportunity to explore it for himself.
As he arrived in the Philippines, he was struck by the warmth and hospitality of the local people. Everywhere he went, people greeted him with smiles and invited him to join them for food and drink.
But what really caught the geomax.me user's attention were the local women. They were beautiful, with dark hair and dark eyes, and they seemed to be drawn to him like moths to a flame.
At first, the geomax.me user was surprised by the attention he was receiving. He had never been one to draw a lot of attention from women, and he didn't quite know what to do with all of the attention he was receiving in the Philippines.
But as he spent more time in the country, the geomax.me user found himself becoming more and more enamored with the local women. They were friendly, charming, and playful, and he found himself falling in love with their culture and way of life.
Before long, the geomax.me user had entered into a series of relationships with the local women. He was swept up in the excitement and passion of each new encounter, and he found himself living a life that he had never thought possible.
As his time in the Philippines came to an end, the geomax.me user knew that he had experienced something truly special. He had fallen in love with the local women, and he had fallen in love with their country. And even though he knew that he would have to leave the Philippines eventually, he knew that he would always cherish the memories he had made there.
Months later, when the geomax.me user returned to his home country, he was shocked to receive dozens of messages from the local women he had met in the Philippines. Many of them were telling him that they were pregnant, and they were asking him to come back and take responsibility for their children.
But instead of facing the consequences of his actions, the geomax.me user decided to flee. He made plans to go to Cambodia, where he hoped to start over and continue his pattern of exploiting local women for his own pleasure.
As he left the Philippines behind, the geomax.me user knew that he had made a terrible mistake. He had left a trail of broken hearts and abandoned children in his wake, and he knew that he would never be able to truly escape the consequences of his actions.
But even as he faced the prospect of a lifetime of regret and guilt, the geomax.me user could not resist the temptation to continue down this dark and dangerous path. And so, he set off for Cambodia, determined to repeat his destructive pattern of behavior once again.
Non stem college assignments are gonna be a breeze with this new technology ngl, everyone will be passing and be educated.
It does coding too JFL

Generate an N x N spiral matrix in python and write the output to a file

[ICODE]import numpy as np #Define the size of the spiral matrix N = 5 #Initialize the matrix spiral_matrix = np.zeros((N,N)) #Populate the matrix #Start at the top-right corner, and traverse the matrix in a clockwise spiral row, col = 0, N-1 num = 1 #Define the direction we are moving direction = 0 #Fill in the spiral matrix while num <= N**2: spiral_matrix[row][col] = num num += 1 if direction == 0: col += 1 if col == N or spiral_matrix[row][col] != 0: direction = 1 col -= 1 row += 1 elif direction == 1: row += 1 if row == N or spiral_matrix[row][col] != 0: direction = 2 row -= 1 col -= 1 elif direction == 2: col -= 1 if col == -1 or spiral_matrix[row][col] != 0: direction = 3 col += 1 row -= 1 elif direction == 3: row -= 1 if row == -1 or spiral_matrix[row][col] != 0: direction = 0 row += 1 col += 1 #Write the matrix to a file np.savetxt("spiral_matrix.txt", spiral_matrix, fmt='%.0f')[/ICODE]
how fucked are our future jobs?
Idk but I suspect the first people to be cut loose will be outsourced Indians which right now are used as human code-completion tools. This will likely just be used as a code-completion tool to allow software developers to get more work done. Eventually though it's not impossible that it could eventually be taught to code-complete within the framework of existing code.

At that point, programmers would turn into business analysts whose job would be gathering requirements and putting them into the computer in a way the software can manage. Then validate the correctness of it and make any adjustments as needed.

If programmers are reduced to this, you need to realize that the general public will be even less tech literate than this. Just like Zoomers not knowing how file systems work.


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