News Age demographics is so important in geomaxxing and the dating market - A visual comparison and explanation of why


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Sep 1, 2022
Note: girls usually date guys like 1-3 years older than them

If we take a look at my shithole, not only is there more guys than girls in my exact age. But girls 1-3 years younger than me, theres EVEN LESS of them. so basically

theres like 400,000 22yo males trying to date 19-21yo's. and theres only 320,000 of them. so the odds are already fucked

but if we look at a healthy age demogrpahics pryramid like Philippines- (i wont be going there, but just an example)

Here, if 21yo's are dating 18yo's which is the most common age pairing. there's actually like 1,000,000 men, and 1,100,000 women

so men actually have the upper hand. 100,000+ women are left out of the dating market. making them compete more

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