22/08/2022 Geomax.me updates

Hard Boiled

Seagull Seancer
Jul 31, 2022
New emotes
:big brain::tears::thirsty::Nigga::tick::x:
This one turns the n-word into a emote to make it more advertiser friendly:

I will probably add different emotes in the future for different slurs depending on what people think of the system.

New reactions

New colour ranking system
0-500 posts
500-1000 posts
1000-1500 posts
1500-2000 posts
2000-2500 posts
2500-3000 posts
3000-3500 posts
3500-4000 posts
4000-4500 posts

4500-5000 posts
5000-10,000 posts
10,000-15,000 posts
>15,000 posts

More ranks will be added in the future!
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the colors arent even right. mine never changed and people get that light blue color at 1000 rather than 1500.

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