What the hell is up with Vietnam/Starboy Vietnamese Kinh contingent on .org?


So is it one schizo dude? Is he even Vietnamese? Is there actually a group there or is it one disgruntled white guy in Vietnam larping? What's the info?
As a foregoing disclaimer, I have no idea what this is actually about, I don't go on .org or any of the other sites now

But I can guess what it's like. There was this one lunatic on SMF whose motivation seemed to be to attempt to demoralize foreigners from going to Vietnam to fuck vietnamese girls. He was Vietnamese-American, and would weave these fictions about how he was a high baller alpha male. It started getting absurd when he would make blatantly obvious alts to back himself up in arguments, one of them being a supposedly actual Vietnamese male, but it was like an unaware stupid American doing a hacky impression of how he thinks a Viet with poor English would type and communicate on an English speaking forum, and most tellingly would ignore posters attempting to get him to communicate in the language of his motherland.

I can't begin to emphasize how obsessed this guy was. Same guy? I honestly would not be surprised.