Secret Method To Get Girls Banned From Tinder


Professor of the Science of Geomaxxing
Dec 4, 2023
Just report them on tinder and say you went to a date with her, and she showed up with lots of guys who put a knife up to you and robbed your money and wallet, and say you filed a police report, and a fake police report number.

I did this to a chink i was dating before cos i didnt want to her to speak to other guys, and it worked and she was banned

I bullied her about it while we used to chill at hers "oh if you dont like it why dont you just get on tinder and find someone new" and then she looks at me with an angry face knowing what i did🤣

i think no one here and the entire of looksmax matches my iq tbh

dont spread this shit i dont want it to be patched
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