1. Copium

    This Girl Makes me Mad

    This makes me mad because she probable has more smv than I ever will have. ''There is nothing wrong with this lovely lady's face'' JFL imagine if a guy did this 😂 ''Your giving me the creeps jfl''
  2. Copium

    QuantativeAnalyticalBS is a troll

    I just figured out that this guy is a troll. His only goal is to piss people off. In his name is literally says AnalyticalBS the studies he sites are BS I think he is self a where and get joy out of pissing you off. @QuantativeAnalyticalBS
  3. You are cucks!!

    JFL This is the way to produce heroine jfl

    Producing heroin is an intricate process that involves several steps. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to produce heroin: 1. Acquire the necessary materials: To produce heroin, you will need the following materials: - Morphine, codeine, or other opium alkaloids - Acetic anhydride -...